Compliance as Code

Simplify regulatory compliance efforts while optimizing the environment for agility and efficiency

Our Compliance as Code service helps you approach compliance with a cost-effective, secure, and automated strategy.

We tell you which tasks to tackle to gain compliance with security requirements.

As a result of our service, you will have a cloud compliance strategy that can adapt to the changing environment of your organization.

How We Do It?

1. Risk Assessment

Our service determines the current level of your organization’s security controls and compares it with regulatory compliance requirements.

We then give you a professional opinion on the controls, processes, and tasks that you need to meet compliance, without overcharging the security with too strict controls.

2. Compliance Automation

We help you achieve compliance by automating security and compliance controls, making it easier to detect and prevent non-compliant activities.

Assess risk in real-time

Automate risk analysis and change management

Leverage technology to automate important security and compliance controls while staying competitive

Validate compliance requirements

3. Continuous Compliance

Maintain compliance by monitoring user activities, security, and critical systems events.

Detect security holes and threats quickly

Respond to incidents, assess potential threats, and allocate resources to minimize risk and ensure compliance

Measure compliance and automate the audit logging and reporting you need to meet your compliance goals

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