Cloud Security Strategy

Establish a clear security roadmap to protect user data and safeguard your business

Our Cloud Security Consultants work with your team to implement the proper security measures needed to enhance cloud governance and securely move your data and applications to the cloud.

We provide end-to-end consultation for all stages of your cloud investment–from initial evaluation and architecture to ongoing assessments, testing and compliance auditing.

Our Cloud Security Strategy service helps you design and calibrate your security operations to help you move to the cloud securely and without risking cloud data security.

Our Cloud Security Assessment service can determine if you are secure and compliant with mandates for your industry. We measure your security posture and offer recommendations for a cloud security framework based on your goals and objectives.


Cloud Security Assessment

Understand your current security posture so that management can make informed decisions and investments

Risk-based decisions are the basis of every compliance standard. Once you have a perspective on your risks, you can adapt your security programs and better plan future investments.

Our Cloud Security Risk Assessment includes the validation of the three pillars of Information Security: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. This process provides management with a roadmap of potential security gaps and detailed technical recommendations to mitigate risks.

Cloud Security Automation

Leverage proven security best practices to bring new levels of efficiency, repeatability, and agility

We use some of the best automation tools available in the market to automate your infrastructure security so you can:

Reduce labor costs and increase overall productivity

Simplify processes, minimize risks and increase the speed of moving your organization infrastructure to a secure cloud environment

Automate the deployment of security best practices across your entire cloud infrastructure


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